Monday, 31 March 2014

I Love My Two Crazy, Loud, Rambunctious Boys

A few weeks ago I took my 3 year old twin boys to a drop-in centre where you can feed "pets" (more like rodents and reptiles, but whatever).  I took them on my own, like I usually do, as my husband works very long hours and Saturdays.  There were about 7 other kids in the room, all of them girls between 3-4 years old.  They were all sitting in a circle nicely, waiting for the staff in charge to bring in some "pets" (which were brought in one at a time).  The minute my boys came into the room, the thought of sitting down and joining the circle did not even enter their head.  They had to check out EVERYTHING.  They started attacking the puzzles and toys placed nicely on the shelf, trying to unlock the gate to the parrot cage, jumping off chairs, setting up pylon blockades at the front door, etc, etc.  While I was very proud of them for feeding crickets and worms to the "pets" directly out of their hands for about 10 minutes, that's how long their interest lasted and the rest of the time was spent with me chasing them around the place, trying to get them to sit.  I honestly would have been happy with them sitting for another 5 minutes, but even that was too much to ask.  

While all this was going on, I noticed that the parents of the girls (who were all with their spouse, I might add) were giving me not-so-nice looks.  This enrages me!!!!!  They're boys, they have a lot of energy, they're loud and they're rambunctious...GET OVER IT!!!  I have 2 of them who happen to be at an age where their listening skills aren't the greatest (you should see the amount of research on boys listening skills vs. girls listening skill) and the fact that they feed off one another, causing things to escalate, doesn't help the situation.  

My little balls of energy.  At Skyzone they can literally bounce                                                                       off the walls.  This is what they're happiest doing.

I know that not all girls sit and listen nicely.  I also know that not all boys have an infinite amount of energy they feel the need to burn specifically at times when I'm alone with them somewhere they're expected to be on the calmer side.  However, because this issue is something I pay a lot of attention to when I'm out with my kids, I do notice that way more times than not, the stereotype does fit.  So how dare you sit there, with your perfectly behaved girls and give me judging looks (please note, I'm not talking about all parent of girls, just those that look down on rowdy boys).  

It has nothing to do with parenting.  I can get angry with my boys and punish them, but it would never result in decreased energy.  That's just the way they're wired.  There are definitely times I want my kids to sit calmly to watch a show or focus on something for more than 2 minutes.  There have been times where I've been kind of jealous of parents of girls as I watch them drawing pictures together or sitting down for a picnic in the park.  I know I'll never have that.  But I also know that my boys are pretty awesome too in their own ways.  Here are 10 of them:

  • I find boys to be overly affectionate, especially with their mommy (or Mama as Fufu still calls me).  They constantly want to be hugged, kissed and carried in my arms (and I'm still happy to carry them at 3.5 years old).  When I ask them who they will marry when they grow up, they immediately answer "I want to marry you mommy."  I always tell them that's not possible, but it still makes my heart melt.
  • Boys don't care what they wear.  Their only request is that they wear 2 different color socks.  I pick their clothes, they put them on and out the door we go.  There's no 30 minute fights in the morning about clothing, hair and accessories that I hear about from many moms of girls.
  • My boys never stay mad at me.  If they do get upset with me, they forget about it and are in my arms 2 minutes later.  
  • Teen girls are tough to raise for so many reasons I won't even get into.  I should know, I was one once.  I will never have to worry about that.
  • My 2 boys have a bond that is priceless.  If I had had one of each, I don't think such a bond would exist.
  • My boys have taught me to let go a little.  I'm a girly girl.  I like sparkly things, I like pretty things, I like to have my hair done and a little makeup on at all times, I don't like to get muddy and dirty and I like my house clean.  I'm not as concerned about all these things as I used to be (except for the clean house, I still have to work on that one).
  • Boys have hearty contagious laughs that I've yet to hear out of little girls.
  • Boys don't ask a gazillion questions like I notice girls their age doing.  They just want one straight and direct answer.  They don't want an explanation.  If try to explain anything they start to go into a daze and eventually just walk away.  
  • I happen to find shirts with capes on the back to be way cooler than princess dresses that all seem to come in only Easter bunny colors (sorry but I have an extreme dislike for such colors).
  • And the number one reason I love having 2 boys...having to keep up with their energy levels has allowed me to continue wearing my size 24 waist jeans!


  1. First off, I know your boys and I don't think they are crazy or loud! They are delightful!!!

    Secondly, I hate how people have to comment/make looks/judge about stuff like this whether it's about having twins, their gender, what they look like, their behaviour, etc. I get a lot of "are you gonna try for a third so you have a boy" which presumes our family is incomplete because we don't have a son. The fact is we don't have a son, we don't know what it's like to have a boy and we never will. It's not like any of us got to choose the gender of our children. I'm just happy to have healthy kids and I don't understand why the world has to constantly judge and criticize the make-up of families.

    1. They do have their delightful times, but you haven't seen them in a few months and you might be a little surprised when you do. They're not bad kids by any means, they just have an abnormal amount energy (I'm sure it's not abnormal at all, just seems like it).

      I could make a very good living if I made money every time someone asked me when we were going to try for a girl. Not even "if", but "when." Like it's just assumed.

  2. My girls sound like your boys. We walk into a roomful of pink, princessey little girls all listening very nicely and we just "rock the party". I find myself faced with the choice to either stifle my girls or grow a thick skin to the parents-of-perfects and their sideeyes. I chose the later.


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